About Us

 Hoang Gia International Investment Joint Stock Company (Royal Invesco ).
Royal Invesco  would like to express our deepest gratitude towards our Customers, Authorities and our Partners. Thank you for your constant support and cooperation during the recent time.
Royal Invesco always work restlessly to affirm our brand value and market position of Dr. Mask , V95 Mask  in the mind of consumers. Our first and foremost objective is to bring about the best customer’s experience and satisfaction, as well as to incorporate the uniquely added values in our products. Each of our products is made with total dedication and passion towards our Customers.
We believe the conscientious way with full of devotion that is applied in our procedures will result in the highest quality and reliable products for our Customers. It is also our affirmation and commitment to our Customers when they choose Royal Invesco ’s products.
We hopes that our products will continue to accompany you to protect the health of your families, relatives, and colleagues in the near future.
Sincere Yours,